Was United passenger carrying a “bomb clock” for fun?

It remains unknown just what 58-year-old Joseph Galaska was carrying to Chicago Thursday when he ran afoul of US customs at Pearson airport and landed in jail for carrying a mock bomb. There has been no precise description of what it was but “the bomb” had zero capacity to explode. Except in Galaska’s face. Was it one of the bomb look-a-like alarm clocks that the twisted manufacturers think are such fun? No one is laughing about this escapade, especially the judge who told Galaska he will spend another night in a Mississauga jail cell until his son arrives Saturday to post bail of $5,000.


The charge is mischief. Galaska is required back in court April 10. We know about alarm clock bombs because a 15-year-old was charged with mischief at Pearson in September 2015 when he carried the oh so funny Nootropic Design manufactured  “Defusable Clock.” into customs.