What makes crane climber tick? Why are some so bitter?

The human race never ceases to amaze even as friends try to explain why Marisa Lazo would climb to the top of a 20-storey crane in the middle of the night and slide down a cable to leave herself utterly stranded. One person who knew her growing up recalls “she just likes to climb things. Me and her used to climb everything when we were children. I used to be scared of it (but) she wasn’t.” A friend named Susan is reported by 680 News to have told KISS Radio that Lazo is a “totally sane thrill seeker.” But bungee jumping or the rim walk at the CN Tower isn’t good enough it seems. She should have known better. Samantha Burger, a current friend, told NewsTalk 1010 that Lazo is outdoorsy — a woman who loves boating, longboarding, hiking and getting up high. In Niagara, the pair liked to visit Decew Falls. The spot is a favourite for locals to cool off on a hot day. Decew Falls is also notorious for rescues as people slip climbing down into the gorge and get injured or stuck.  Which raises the perception of this young woman by some as a person who should be punished for life for her misjudgment. Writers to the The Bulldog and elsewhere are on the verge of hatred when they say “garnish her wages for the rest of her pathetic life…stupid people should jump…or be pushed next time…wish the wind came up in her Darwin waiting room.” Another outburst: “They should have let her fall. Useless moron”


Lazo was released Thursday on $500 bail at a court appearance today. She must not enter construction sites or go on any rooftops. She is charged with six counts of mischief.

  2 comments for “What makes crane climber tick? Why are some so bitter?

  1. Bill Smith
    April 27, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    People are bitter because they’re sick and tired of (young) people getting their thrills at the expense of others. I agree. Make this woman cover the cost of the police, fire & EMS staff who wasted their time- -and the time of everybody else in the GTA- bringing her down to the ground. You want to be famous, my dear? Do something that actually impresses us. And then go away.

  2. orenwolf
    April 27, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    Yes, she cost money and time. Punish her for it. But a lifetime of payment or that she should have died? Thats perhaps the most depressing thought to come out of this spectacle.

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