BUMPED: “I have to go home” said doctor, “They’ll kill me”

The medical doctor who was thrown off the United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville was clearly disoriented, repeating “I have to go home” and “They’ll kill me.” He sneaked back on the plane and had to be removed a second time. The reporting has not caught up to public curiosity about what really happened. The man was politely asked (according to the airline) to get off but refused. Police were called and in the process the man started to bleed at the mouth. One passenger on the flight said he felt that United might have offered more money (home much?) to persuade the man. They needed the seat for crew deadheading to staff another flight the next day. But, says the witness, why not send them by car on the five-hour drive to Louisville. An afterthought to be sure. Don Lemon is heard to say he just doesn’t know what his state of mind would be if someone tried to pull him “bloodied” off a plane. Sure Don. How about, “I’m Don Lemon of CNN.”