40 to 70 mm of rain? Friday and Saturday total washouts

Friday and Saturday look like total washouts as forecasters say we could get as much as 70 mm of rain in 48 hours. It will probably be less but conditions for more rain of any amount as not helpful. A special warning from Environment Canada notes that the ground is already drenched and more rain can only begin to pool. It recalls the conditions in July of 2013 when several heavy rains caused flooding so serious it stranded a GO train beside the Don River. The emergency evacuation lasted all night.

This time, the City is planning for local flooding along the Lake Ontario shore where water levels are as high as they have been in 20 years. An island ferry will be on standby in the event that the 700 permanent residents of the islands need to evacuate. Picnickers are warned to stay home. City of Toronto crews prepare for wet weather conditions