Always lots of excitement at the Moore Ave free-for-all

There’s nothing more invigorating than a visit to the Moore Ave. Loblaws and TD-Rexall Plaza east of Bayview where motorists are well advised to keep their eyes — especially the ones in the back of their heads — wide open. Some call it the Moore Ave. fee-for-all. The rules are few, it seems. It’s where the two exits to Loblaws odd-shaped lot (both of them in and out) meet the Bayview extension traffic on the stub of Pottery Rd (exiting left and right) and the exit of the TD-Rexall plaza. There is frequently a raging mind-set among motorists leaving the Bayview extension. This can be exciting if you’re heading out onto Pottery at the south end of the Loblaws lot. There is zero line of sight of approaching vehicles. Many drivers are so keyed up they don’t stop at Moore. Back at the west end of the quirky Loblaws lot, drivers are known to exit in the eastbound lane and instantly U-turn around a traffic island to go west.