College St killers will appeal convictions over 5-year delay

The killers of John Raposo, 35, cut down in the crowded patio at the Sicilian Cafe on College Street in the summer of 2012 are said to be ready to appeal their convictions because it took too long to get their case to court. Drug dealers Nicola Nero, Martino Caputo, Rabih Alkhalil and their hit man, Dean Wiwchar, were all found guilty of first degree murder yesterday in Toronto. The mob-style execution left the sidewalk in Little Italy a ghastly horror scene on what had been a festive afternoon of Euro Cup soccer television. As reported by City News, the judge delayed sending the men to penitentiary immediately because of the possible appeal. Although the hit man, Wiwchar, was arrested almost immediately after the June 18, 2012 shooting, Caputo was chased down in Germany and Alkhalil was deported from Greece. That took two years.


Court heard how Nero, Caputo and Alkhalil conspired and often chatted by email about their intention to kill Raposo. He was believed to have squealed on Nero. In addition to revenge, greed drove the three. They would steal a 200-kilogram shipment of cocaine from Raposo and split the profit. Witnesses described the killer as wearing a shoulder-length wig, sunglasses, a dust mask, an orange construction vest with a reflective X on it and a hardhat, court heard. The Crown said a hardhat, construction vest and skin-coloured face masks were among the items found in Wiwchar’s Vancouver home, while searches on his home in Surrey, B.C. netted a cache of firearms as well as wigs, liquid latex skin, theatrical makeup, fake moustaches and beards and other items. Raposo’s cousin, Helen Pacheco, thanked the Crown, judge and jury. She said she hoped the world would remember Raposo not for how he died but how he lived.