Dad abused daughter, 15, from age 6 until she told teacher

Paola Loriggio of the Canadian Press records the heartbreaking details of a man convicted of the serial sexual assault of his teen daughter despite her protestations until, at age 15, she finally blurted out the details to a teacher. That was 2014. The investigation and prosecution led to Ontario Superior Court where Monday Mr Justice Charles Hackland found that the man had been unwilling to face a serious problem within his family – “a problem he knew was his sexual abuse of his daughter.”  The incidents occurred every few weeks from the time the girl was six. Court was told that in her early teens the girl confessed the abuse to a girlfriend. That brought about a visit from the Children’s Aid Society at which, astonishingly, the girl was interviewed in the presence of her parents. She recanted her accusation for fear, she said, that her complaint would lead to the break-up of her family. The abuse continued for another two or three years before she told a teacher. The mother and father are now separated.