Flooded “Lake Leaside” to be drained, receive fence repair

The flooded excavation site between Wicksteed and Vanderhoof Aves. east of Laird Drive will be drained by the owner, the City has said. The large body of water has been referred to as Lake Leaside. Efforts by the office of Jon Burnside (Ward 26) to secure the site and remove the water resulted in an agreement with the owner, SmartREIT, to do this. But word Thursday says that confirmation to transfer water to the City’s catch basin may be delayed somewhat by last week’s heavy rain. Fencing on the site has been repaired on Vaughan Street at the east end of the site. It had fallen down but was fixed by April 13. Slavisa Mijatovic of the Councillor’s office said the property management had been very responsive and had immediately opened a tender to get a fencing contractor to secure the site completely. Work started this week after a delay for delivery of materials.