Hey, where the heck are Judge Goodman’s reasons anyway?

Chief Justice Heather Forster Smith of the Ontario Superior Court has roasted a fellow jurist for saying she would produce reasons for her decision but repeatedly failing to do so. In response, Judge Smith overturned his colleague Susanne Goodman’s acquittal of a man on charges of sexual assault and ordered a new trial. It is interesting because Judge Goodman made a point of saying she would issue reasons. As reported by Colin Perkel of the Canadian Press, her very words were: “My detailed written reasons will be released on Monday, March 14, 2016.” But they weren’t nor did the judge produce them on subsequent dates given by her assistants. When the Crown wrote to her saying that in the absence of reasons he would appeal, there was no reply. All of this caused Judge Smith to scold Goodman and warn her such failures must end. This time “must be the last time,” said the Chief Justice.