Landslide drops Rose Park backyards into Yellow Creek

In the wake of landslides that wiped out at least two backyards Friday, the Moore Park Residents Association will meet Wednesday for its annual general meeting. Ravines are always high on the Moore Park agenda where two great divides run through the area of fine homes, most built there in the 1920s. Friday’s collapse occurred behind at least two homes on Rose Park Crescent north of St.Clair Ave West and west of Inglewood Drive. This land overlooks David Balfour Park and the Yellow Creek. It seems steeper generally and maybe less stable than properties that line the Moore Park Ravine in Moore Park and Bennington Heights. Many such properties on both ravines are landfill, added by residents. The Toronto Conservation Authority spends millions to keep the ravines stable but the repair cost after such landslide is the ¬†responsibility of homeowners. And although owners rightly find such collapses frightening it is said to be the view of the conservation authority that the foundations of homes along the ravine are stable. The Moore Park AGM begins Wednesday at 7 p.m. at OLPH school on Garfield Ave.