John Tory Show features Andrea Horwath, money for Pride

Mayor Tory was busy Monday with political programming unlike any seen during his hitch at NewsTalk1010. First he had Andrea Horwath down at City Hall promising to offer Toronto money to fix up social housing (if the NDP is elected). No one from the Liberal cabinet found this prospect threatening enough to dash down to Nathan Phillips Square and gripe about the challenge to Grit hegemony. Then, a tight-rope act to beat them all as his honour said he favours giving Pride its full measure of taxpayer funding this summer, even if it does ban the police from the parade. The mayor issued a statement which said: “This year, our Police Chief Mark Saunders decided in the prevailing circumstances, to withdraw police from marching in this year’s parade – and to focus on working with the LGBTQ and Black communities to ensure that we have a strong foundation of trust and partnership going forward.” Yeah. It’s the chief’s fault. Such a troublemaker.