Laird in Focus bodes change to useful, ungentrified street

The future of Laird Drive and the south side of Eglinton over to Brentcliffe was discussed at a meeting of the City of Toronto’s Laird in Focus project Monday night in the Lea Room at Leaside Arena. Many Leasiders (and others who patronize the businesses there) may be heard to ask “What wrong with it now?” Sadly our preference for the quite functional (and far from gentrified) business districts represented here will not forestall change. The future is pressure. There’s enormous money to be made now that there’s going to be a rapid transit line along Eglinton. The City’s ceaseless planning is at work. And perhaps the outcome will please everyone. This meeting, which seems to have been lightly attended, was a chance to hear and comment on what might be done. The project is described here.