Number of gas stations creeps up to about 12,000 nationally

The  number of gas stations in Canada increased marginally by about 15 last year, bringing the total to nearly 12,000, or three stations for every 10,000 people. The numbers are a little misleading because the density of stations is much heavier in urban areas, There has been a steady decline in gasoline  retailers which started more than 35 years ago.  At one time there were at least seven gas stations on Bayview Ave between Eglinton and Moore and now there is one. The picture above shows three stations — Esso, Shell and Cities Service at Millwood and  Bayview in the 60s. The Bayview stations were at Eglinton (where the LRT station will be) Soudan, Millwood (three) McRae and Moore. Can you remember others? Only the Esso at Moore survives.