Purse event for shelter women needing personal products

The Period Purse “packing party” at Kimbourne United Church on Wolverleigh Blvd. saw volunteer women from East York and the Danforth preparing donated purses and personal care products for women living in area shelters. The gift of purses filled with pads and tampons was inspired by Jana Girdauskas. Her efforts and those of friends and other generous people has led to the delivery of more than 750 purses to such needy women in just a few months. “I think it’s something so simple and basic and a natural body process that all women go through so I think it is hitting people that it is not our choice, it is needed and we know how expensive those products can be,” Girdauskas told the CBC. Joanna Lavoie of the Beach Mirror was present Saturday and spoke with Girdauskas and friends.