Spirited celebration of visual arts is alive and well at CGS

Arts in the schools have dwindled in recent years but the celebration of the visual arts is alive and well at CGS on Eglinton Ave. at Bayview Ave. The Grade 1 to 3 students were so excited to invite their parents to visit Art Rocks, curated by the very talented Ceci Scott. Ceci, the art teacher at CGS, has been working hard with the kids to gather their work from the term (including the Grade 2 and 3 artist-research project) to display at the show. Parents and students wandered the “gallery” and asked questions about the work Talking about their work was a very important part of the show for the artists. The children displayed their sculpture and painted works and had a ton of fun at the Life is Good Station where everyone was invited to create t-shirt slogans for Canada’s 150th anniversary. Bouthaina (French Teacher and frequent art contributor at CGS) also created a huge set of wings for everyone to be photographed with. The event was spirited and captured the all important sense of play and joy that comes from making art. Well done CGS Artists.