Stunning fraud as she bilks mortgage lender out of $1.3 mln

The Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes squad is trying to identify this woman who tricked a mortgage lender into providing a $1.3 million mortgage on a property she did not own. She used fake identification to impersonate the real homeowner. It happened in January 2016 when the woman contacted a mobile mortgage specialist and then applied for a mortgage on a property in the amount of $1.3 million. The mortgage specialist found financing through a bank and a mortgage was registered on the home The fraudster received $1.3 million through the lenders lawyer. The real homeowner then received mortgage documents in the mail from the bank and brought the fraud to the attention of police. It sounds like there is more to this story than police have released but it does make you wonder about that funny thing called due diligence.


The trial of Sergeant Christopher Heard is underway for sexually assaulting two women he offered to drive home in the fall of 2015. He was on duty, in uniform and driving a marked police car. A notable feature of this matter was Heard’s failure to inform his supervisor that he had used his vehicle to provide rides for the public. No such thing is permitted unless it is a part of on-going police duties and known to other members of the service. Wendy Gillis, Toronto Star.