“Suicide by cop” verdict in police shooting at TTC station

The police oversight director says he thinks that Alexander Wettlaufer planned to die by a police bullet when he called 9-1-1 on March 13, 2016 to report a man with a gun. The man with the gun was Wettlaufer himself, although it was only a BB pistol he was waving around at the Leslie TTC station. Putting it all together, Tony Loparco said, he has to conclude that when Wettlaufer, 21, pointed his non-lethal weapon at police, he expected to be shot. “Given that Mr. Wettlaufer was no doubt aware that he had a mere BB gun in hand, his actions lead me to the conclusion that he was attempting to bait the police into fatally shooting him by creating a perilous situation,” Loparco wrote. In the circumstances, he said, there was no reasonable basis on which to direct charges against the police officer who fired at Wettlaufer. Suicide by cop Wikipedia