Tattooed Beefcake Bandit graced romance novel covers

The wildly tattooed and muscular suspect in three Greenwich, Connecticut robberies was arrested Wednesday near San Diego. The beefcake model and fitness fanatic had recently adorned the front page of romance paperbacks. But David Byers latest pursuit has been robbing banks. The 34-year-old fugitive — identified by his tattoos — managed to evade pursuers in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Arizona after a series of robberies. But he was eventually led away in handcuffs in the San Diego area. The arrest came as a surprise to those who worked with Byers in the modeling field, where he enjoyed some success. “I know he’s an unusual guy, but bank robbery doesn’t seem like his thing,” said Michael Stokes, a California photographer who did a modeling shoot with Byers earlier this year. “He’s always been so decent and respectful with me.”