Tory hits Del Duca nerve by entertaining PC leader Brown

It looks like Mayor Tory touched a nerve when he invited PC leader Patrick Brown to join him at City Hall for coffee and a talk about money. It apparently prompted transportation minister Steven Del Duca to whiz down to the Toronto Clam Shell and hold an impromptu news conference in which he accused the mayor of whining about money. The minister said Tory “crosses a line” by harping on provincial funding for transit and other municipal needs. Why not just not place road tolls on the DVP? (On no wait, that’s not allowed). During a joint news conference with Brown, Tory said the provincial government needs to “be at the table with money in hand” for projects such as the downtown relief line, the Scarborough East LRT and waterfront transit. Brown agreed of course. He said that under a PC government the City would have a partner it could rely on.