Trump again, Mexican writer slain and “caffeine” kills teen

Headlines packing lots of shock fill Tuesday’s news budget. Both the Washington Post and New York Times say President Trump revealed the most delicate and crucial of state secrets to the Russians at an informal meeting. It is now being said that lives are in jeopardy because of this. But, no one knows what was said. The national security  adviser, H.R. McMaster, who was present, categorically denies the stories.


In the northern Mexican State of Sinaloa, crusading anti-drug-cartel journalist Javier Valdez has been cut down in a public execution. His body lay in the street beside his car as police began their investigation. The brazen act reveals the grip cartels have on Mexican society.


And a coroner in South Carolina is blaming caffeine for the death of a healthy 16-year-old boy. Authorities say Davis Allen Cripe collapsed at Spring Hill High School back on April 26, and later died at the hospital. Coroner Gary Watts determines the teen had consumed a large diet Mountain Dew, a cafe latte and an energy drink of some type. All that caffeine led to a cardiac event that killed Cripe says the coroner.