Yay or Neigh? Thornhill lad asks girl to prom on horseback

A Thornhill high school student, Aaron Lugassy, has used horse sense (plus a real horse) to ask his girlfriend, Noy Amsterdam, to the prom at Westmount Collegiate Institute in York Region. He appeared before her on horseback with a sign which said “Prom, Yay or Neigh.” She said yes, or rather Yay. That’s the answer guys are looking for in what has become a popular gambit as recorded in the Twitter search of Yay or Neigh. It’s expensive to rent a horse. Friends chipped in the raise the $500 needed. Noy expressed herself to be “shaking” from the experience. Among other recent Yay or Neigh suitors was Jonny Jones in Kansas. A Georgia girl, Georgia Gibbons, was also asked to “saddle up” for the prom.