7 TTC stations get new art during updating, construction

The TTC held an exhibit on Monday for the public to see art that will be installed at seven stations. The stations are Chester, King, Runnymede, Sherbourne, St Patrick, Wilson and Woodbine. Among the eclectic styles is a geometric blizzard set for Sherbourne and intriguing figures of what are said to be actual subway riders for St. Patrick. The old Chester station on the Danforth is looking at a dream of the 19th-century meadows that stretched along the east side of the Don before anyone ever ordered Tzatziki there. The art concepts were selected by a jury and will go before the TTC Board for review and approval in the near future. The selected artists will then develop the artwork in cooperation with the TTC Chief Architect and the Easier Access/Second Exit/Public Art project team. Installation is said to be planned at “a later date” so don’t expect to see it tomorrow. TTC art