Svetlana Koretskaia killed on Bayview ext. by U-turn driver

The dead woman in Saturday’s U-turn accident on the Bayview extension is Svetlana Koretskaia. She was knocked from her motorcycle and killed when a driver tried to turn around in front her near the Brickworks south of Pottery Road.  Koretskaia’s brother in law, Gus Diamontopourlos, was also knocked off his bike and injured. So far there are no charges. CTV News quotes Mr. Diamontopourlas as saying he and Koretskaia would ride any chance they had. The two were northbound at the time of the accident. Police said a 36-year-old man was driving a 2016 Honda Accord in the same direction as Koretskaia and Diamontopourlos when he attempted to make a U-turn as he approached Beltline Trail. The Honda collided with the two motorcyclists. “It all happened so fast,” Diamontopourlos said. “I immediately reacted and tried to push my bike away as far as I could and I got clipped and I almost lost my balance but somehow I didn’t and there was no reaction time for her whatsoever,” he told CTV. Anastasia Koretskaia said she and her twin sister always told each other how lucky they were to have each other. Svetlana Koretskaia is shown to have been employed by the financial services firm Quantius Inc. in Toronto as a Corporate Development Manager.