21st Century Village Square at Burgess Park this Saturday

This Saturday, August 12, will see the first of a series of family events at R .V. Burgess Park, 48 Thorncliffe Park Drive, to which the whole community is invited. The first of three remaining 21st Century Village Square events will unfold Saturday. These are collaborations of a government supported group known as Diaspora Genius and the Thorncliffe Neighborhood Office (TNO) promoting local entrepreneurs and providing advice on how  to grow a small business. The goal is to provide real-time training for any who are able, and help with branding and marketing. The venue is designed to mimic a small-town square and will feature entertainment (with some Juno nominated artists) as well as arts and crafts for children. Other family activities include a reading circle. The “village” will be decorated in a festive way with “store fronts” and a Village Street. It looks great. Other village dates are August 26 and Sept 9. On Saturday, September 23, Burgess Park will see a Diasporic Festival featuring music of food. More later.

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