Chief Saunders says “rookie-buy” nights must come to end

Chief Saunders has issued a directive that would put an end to nights on the town by mixed-gender groups of police. It was during one so-called “rookie-buy” nights that a female parking officer and three male constables drank, toured a strip club and finally landed at the Westin Hotel where they engaged in group sex. The men were later accused of assault by the woman but were found not guilty this week. The Friday directive from Saunders says “regular initiation-type rituals for new officers” that involve excessive alcohol consumption and the expectation that new hires buy drinks for more senior officers must end.


The 2004 murder conviction of gang member Jason Wisdom has been overturned by the Ontario Court of Appeal because the judges found the admission of evidence about his involvement in a Money Mart robbery soon after the shooting was too prejudicial. Wisdom and two others were accused of the fatal shooting of man in Scarborough motivated by gang activity. A new trial has been ordered