Complex power failure knocked out service six blocks away

The seemingly odd power failure at two downtown condo buildings has a temporary fix Saturday from a mobile generator which has been employed to provide power to buildings at 126 Simcoe and 21 Nelson Street. It will service the complex until the buildings can be returned to the Toronto Hydro grid. According to the condo management, repairs to that equipment may not be done until Tuesday or even later.


Toronto Hydro has said that the failure of power to  the building, about 30 and 15 storeys, is being caused by equipment owned by the condo. The utility has no responsiblity to repair it. This seldom reported upon and perhaps rare event represents evidence of the complex nature of the electrical delivery system in Toronto. Even more curious, it is said that the failure of the equipment on Thursday at Simcoe and Adelaide had a domino effect that shut off power at the  Ripley’s Aquarium. six blocks away on Bremner Blvd. Power there is now restored. .