Police in region have busy 24 hours of gunplay, accidents

Peel police are expressing concern about the brazen gunplay at Sherway Gardens Plaza in Mississauga Wednesday evening in which two men sitting in a vehicle were shot ambush-style. One has life-threatening injuries and the other has more minor injuries. Nothing seems to be known as to what it was about but witnesses say a man in black leaped out of a car driven by an accomplice and fired seven shots into the target vehicle before fleeing. In Brampton, a man and woman are said to be in serious condition after a tractor-trailer rear-ended their taxi at a traffic light. They were taken to Sunnybrook HSC. Also in Brampton. The SIU has been called in to investigate after a Peel Region cruiser rolled over at Queen and Main Sts. and apparently members of the public were hurt. Two are said to  have minor injuries. Finally, a youth was stabbed in Scarborough early Thursday after what appears to have been a fight near a home at Kennedy Rd. and Betrand Ave. Injuries are said to be serious.