Sherway victim one of thugs who paralyzed woman in 2004

Mark Peretz, the man shot dead in Sherway Plaza Wednesday morning was one of four thugs who shot and paralyzed for life a Toronto woman Louise Russo in 2004. It happened at the California Sandwich Shop on Chesswood Drive. Russo was waiting in line at the shop when four men came in shooting, a classic botched underworld hit. Ms. Russo is living her life in a wheelchair. She has dedicated her years to doing as much good work as possible and was chosen by Mayor Tory to give him the chain office after the 2014 election. The case was also noted for the murky arrangement by which Russo received $2 million in cash compensation from underworld parties as a form of compensation for the terrible verdict to which she was sentenced.


Saturday, the Star reported that police are pondering whether a dissolving criminal partnership involving the London Hells Angels is behind two failed murder attempts in the GTA this month. Peretz death is one. The shooting and others are the latest in a string of more than a dozen unsolved violent incidents this year in southern Ontario, including killings, explosions and arson. They suggest the GTA is undergoing a power struggle between older criminals and young challengers often from outside the province.