Feds in last-minute bid to deport brothers born to spies

The Federal Government has appealed the case of Alexander Vavilov, 23, and his brother Timothy, 27, to the Supreme Court of Canada in an effort to have the two deported. They are the sons of Russian spies, born here in the 1990s, as their parents reputedly lived the lives of “sleeper” agents, waiting to be ordered into action on behalf of the Kremlin. It is, as Maclean’s says, utterly stranger-than-fiction. The last-minute action by Ottawa and its purposes in seeking the expulsions is explained by Melanie Ing of City News, which is owned by Rogers Communications, owners of Maclean’s. Thursday, the court had yet to accept the case but it seems hard to imagine that SCOC will refuse to decide a matter of such intimate meaning to Canadian citizenship.