Gardens event hails food drive, 65 years of Leaside sports

Leaside Memorial Community Arena was the scene of ceremonies to mark its 65 anniversary as well as the tenth anniversary of the neighborhood food drive started by Sarah and Claire Jordan. It kicked off again this month  Ray White, Chairman of the arena board spoke and introduced political and civilian figures. The young sisters whose names are emblematic of an annual collection of food both spoke. They recalled an after dinner conversation Sarah had with mother Lynda DeBono about people very nearby who did not have enough. Sarah was touched and inspired to collect food for less those less fortunate than herself. An engaging “canstruction” in the Lea Room was the wall of canned chickpeas donated by Tufts Valu-Mart on Bayview Ave. The cans could be purchased for a contribution to the drive. The structure spelled the word Hunger, as shown above.