German voters have not forgotten 2016 Christmas killings

News reports on the diminished victory by Chancellor Angela Merkel in Sunday’s German general election make little reference to last December’s assault on Christmas shoppers in Berlin by a Tunisian man in a truck. He killed 12 and injured 56 others six days before the holiday. But it is clear the voters have not forgotten. They cast their ballots in new and enlarged numbers for anti-migrant, nationalist Alternative for Germany party. It will control a third of seats in the new Bundestag, reports say.  On the other hand, Merkel’s main centre-left rivals, the Social Democrats, were set for their worst result since World War II. The party, led by challenger Martin Schulz, vowed immediately to leave her coalition government and go into opposition. In the end however, the projected outcome seems to put Merkel on course for a fourth term as chancellor but with a tricky task in forming a new coalition government.