Wellwise on Wicksteed a nod to mid-life needs in photo mix

This South Bayview photo mix begins with those lively socks, a reminder that middle-aged people may want support in more ways than one. The Shoppers Drug Mart innovation called Wellwise opens at 9.30 Saturday in the SmartCentre on Wicksteed Ave. To the right, a pretty poster promoting the Seed and Kernel Festival in the same parking lot that held the Park and Bark event. Seed and Kernel goes Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is sponsored by The Times Group, a developer. Then down below from the left we see new Wayfinder signs being placed along trails in the Don Vally. In the centre is the East York flag from Centennial year (1967) which many in the former borough fear is being phased out at City Hall. Former mayors Alan Redway and Michael Prue along with others were at a committee Tuesday to make the point. Finally, Greenwood Cigar will give way to a KFC at the corner of Queen and Greenwood and it is making some people sick. Their upset could not be worse than that of the Leaside ladies who reviled a similar arrival at SmartCentre last December. Dismay, disgust from Leaside ladies to KFC on Laird