Bombardier flunks challenge to deliver cars on time again

TTC brass has said they find the newly announced shortfall in the delivery of streetcars by Bombardier in 2017 to be “completely unacceptable.” The company says it will deliver 65 vehicles by the end of the year, a shortfall of five from the 70 trams it had said it would produce. In making its bad news report, Bombardier recited how it had expanded the production line in Thunder Bay, hired more employees, invested in developing its manufacturing sites and called upon the expertise of its global workforce. All to nought, it seems. It still couldn’t get the job done. TTC chairman Josh Colle and CEO Andy Byford called the delivery shortfall “extremely disappointing and frustrating.” They said there should be 146 new streetcars in service, instead of just 45. “This is completely unacceptable,” they said in a news release. “The TTC is having to continue to use buses on streetcar routes to meet ridership demand.”