Friday Gallery has Gelato, Buddha and dates to remember

Hollywood Gelato says it is running a special on Pumpkin Pie scoops right through to Halloween. How coy. On Instagram one addict says “OK I need this” LOL. Then, the contemplative fellow on the right is the work of German artist Metis Atash. It is looking out at you from the window of Galerie de Bellefeuille on Avenue Rd. Centre left, the corner of Millwood Rd. and Laird Drive shows two lanes left (to the north) and two lanes right (to Leaside Bridge) in its new configuration. There are wide sidewalks beside the arena. Below is news of an important meeting at St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church on human trafficking. It will feature as speaker Barbara Gosse, CEO of the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking as well as an actual victim and law enforcement representatives. It’s next Wednesday, October 18. Finally, Christmas fairs are on the way. See the poster from Leaside Presbyterian.