Indy Scarborough party bids to draft Mike Myers for mayor

Mike Myers for mayor? Frankly, it’s a reminder that headlines ending in a question mark are usually answered “no.” But as one-day wonder news stories go, the long-shot chat campaign to enlist Scarborough-born comedian Mike Myers as a candidate for mayor is as good as any. It is found in the pages of Inside Toronto this week. The chances of this candidacy are not helped by the radio silence from Myers himself to all entreaties to speak up. Robert McDermott, the leading proponent of this effort, says there is genuine support seen in the group’s door-knocking sessions.  They call themselves, rather dramatically, the Separatist Free Scarborough Movement. Not quite as explosive as Catalonia leaving Spain. It’s no secret that there was enormous resistance to amalgamation in 1998. De-amalgamation would be seen favorably in many places, including East York. But the big job will be to convince Kathleen Wynne, or someone like her. In Canada, Cities, even the enormous ones like Toronto, do what the provincial governments tell them to do. Remember tolls on the parkway?