Mama Lion runs 3 km with knife to kill, stab girl’s rapists

A South African woman ran three kilometres with a knife after being tipped off that three men were intending to rape her daughter. The unnamed woman, 52, is now known as Mama Lion in the media for her fatal attack on one of the rapists and serious injuries inflicted on the others. Tuesday, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said it will not prosecute the woman because it saw no likelihood of conviction.


It also seemed clear that country-wide outrage at the thought of a mother protecting her daughter being charged was more than the government wished to face. The South African media says Mama Lion heard from a relative of one rapist that her daughter, 18, was being held and that rape was the purpose. She called police but got no answer. When she arrived at the abandoned house in the Village of Qumbu in the Eastern Cape she found the three taking turns assaulting the girl. In a fury, she stabbed them all repeatedly until they collapsed. The mother has not been named in order to protect the identity of her daughter.


This occurred September 2.  The Mama Lion case prompted an outpouring of support on social media with people across the country rallying to help her with crowdfunding efforts and other support. Speaking to friends, she said: “I felt like an old baboon that has no friends, but today you showed me I have people and that I was not alone. Thank you. I am happy that the charges are withdrawn against me and I thought I was going to jail, but God was on my side.”