What a drunk! Boozy Queen’s weekend floats 330 charges

As is often the case, homecoming weekend was a boozy one with police in Kingston laying 330 charges, 307 for having open alcohol, underage drinking and public intoxication. Cops seized three kegs during the celebrations on Friday and Saturday. Canadian Press says the number of charges was almost double the 166 laid last year and higher than the 203 handed out in 2015. Thirty-three people were arrested — 30 for public intoxication and three for breach of the peace — up from 19 in each of the two previous years.


Loblaws will lay off 500 office workers it announced Wednesday. Some of those being dismissed will be terminated with severance immediately. The number amounts to about one-half of one percent of the company’s national staff numbering some 200,000. President Sarah Davis said the business faces growing pressures from both new costs and competition and remains committed to reducing costs and running efficiently. Davis said Loblaws is making major investments in omni-channel. financial services and other growing areas and expects to create hundreds of near-term jobs. The cuts will come offices in (mainly) Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax and Montreal.