Woman who owns hit and run car denies being the driver

The 28-year-old woman who owns the hit-and-run Nissan Rogue that killed Debbie Graves on Don Mills Rd. October 4, 2017 says she doesn’t know who was driving her car that night. The vehicle is now in police custody. They are urging anyone who might have seen the car or has video from a dash cam or home camera to contact them. “We are looking for where that vehicle was and anyone that may have been operating it from approximately 10:30 on the evening of the Wednesday till 1:30 in the morning of the Thursday.” Police are also asking residents of the following streets to contact police, if they have any video surveillance equipment recording the areas around their residence or business at these locations.

• Birchwood Avenue
• Fenn Avenue
• Gordon Road
• Munro Boulevard
• Old Yonge Street
• Owen Boulevard
• Upper Highland Crescent
• York Mills Road

The question hangs large over the case as to why a car owner would not know where her vehicle was and with whom, unless stolen. Police have not said whether they feel the owner is cooperating. It would be a serious offense not to do so. Debbie Graves, 63, of Moncton identified as hit-run victim