132nd Scouts Tree Planting in Taylor Creek Park Sunday

Mike Young, Bulldog reader and Scoutmaster, reports that the 132nd Scouts are inviting families with kids and other willing teens to join them in their annual Seton Woods Tree Fall Planting Event this Sunday. It is well-organized and powerfully good experience for boys and girls. Arborist Stephen Smith has set the agenda and the East York Kiwanis Club, TD Bank and Boston Green Consulting Team are along in support. To see the posters in larger form and RSVP with Mike, go to 132nd Scout site.


Down below, left to right, 54 Division PC Fitzroy Parker is tweeting about the good work he and others are doing at Gordon A. Brown Middle School at 2800 St.Clair East mentoring kids in basketball and sportsmanship. Well done sir. Then the colourful poster from the Aboriginal Education Centre about their forthcoming Community Drum Social and Pot Luck Style Fall Feast on November 8. Finally, a last look at Halloween in the guise of principal Robert Nigro and vice principal Adelia Vela on the job at the Maurice Cody Halloween Parade last week.