Bid “to get stories straight” on Babcock disappearance

The Crown has rested its case against Dellen Millard and Mark Smich in the five-week first degree murder trial into the alleged killing of Laura Babcock. Thursday prosecutor Jill Cameron presented letters written to Millard’s then girlfriend Christina Noudga telling her it was necessary for the two of them “to get our stories straight” about “the night Laura disappeared.” There were 65 letters which police found scattered about Ms. Noudga’s bedroom despite appeals in almost all of them that they be destroyed. Millard tells his girlfriend the last time she saw Babcock she was “doing coke with Mark in the basement” and “you saw her alive with Mark with coke.” He described a scenario where Babcock overdosed. In one letter, Millard said, “What I’ve written to you is a rough draft … we need to get our stories straight..He added, “You said you wanted to be a secret agent, you can be mine … here’s your chance to be a covert operative.” Noudga was not called as a witnesses by the Crown in the case. The trial resumes next week with possible witnesses for the defense but there is so far no confirmation of this . .

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