Expert tells Millard incinerator bones not those of a fish

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Tracy Rogers told Dellen Millard Tuesday that the bones she saw sticking out of the incinerator in a photo taken in July 2012 were definitely not fish bones.  She was being cross-examined by Millard, who is defending himself on a first degree murder charge. The Crown is claiming Millard and his then friend, Mark Smich, murdered and incinerated Laura Babcock in a 500-lb capacity device kept on Millard’s Waterloo area farm. “Essentially you’re telling us that you can’t for certain identify what species these bones came from,” Millard said, during his cross-examination. “Correct,” Rogers responded. “You can tell us that this doesn’t appear to be fish bones?” Millard asked, at another juncture. “I can tell you that, yes,” Rogers said. The doctor testified Friday that the bones appeared to be human and possibly parts of an arm. “Based on the shape comparison, one is similar overall to the human humerus, the upper arm bone,” Rogers said. “One looks similar in overall shape and size to a human radius, the end close to the wrist.” The photo has not been published, presumably as a matter of taste. It was found by police on a computer after a search of Millard’s home in 2013. Tuesday Millard and a lawyer representing Smich pointed out to the jury that the photos that Rogers was working with for the investigation were grainy, pixelated, and less than ideal for a conclusive forensics examination.