Moose meanders Markham, survives close miss on highway

A moose which has been meandering through Markham during Friday is said by police to be resting in a ravine late in the afternoon. The moose was first seen in Buttonville Airport but has since moved on. Authorities are hoping to figure out how to tranquillize the beast and take it to a safer place. As the video above shows, the great animal had a very narrow miss crossing a highway. Moose on Twitter


Eric Cole, wildlife care manager at the Toronto Zoo, says it will be crucial to capture the animal before dark or it will become even harder to track. “You have immobilize it. You’re talking about an animal that’s 1,400 lbs — it’s sheer power and it’s not used to human contact. You can’t throw nets on it, so it needs to be tranquilized,” he told CBC Toronto. Cole explained the moose would have travelled from quite a bit farther north, perhaps near Peterborough or even Algonquin Park. “It’s very unusual for it to come this far south,” he said. “He’s come quite a bit out of his natural habitat.”

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