Picture gallery of news from afar and right here at home

How are people doing here at home and elsewhere? Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (top left) has tweeted this charming picture of he, his wife and son as they announce the arrival of a baby girl. Rinaldo is a star forward for Real Madrid and Portugal. To the right, this rude picture was posted on Leaside Community by what readers there called a troll. The post professed to be from a rich spoiled kid who has started a Go Fund Me effort because he has “mismanaged his money” After three hours ( 9 p.m.) one person had donated $5 to the $300 target and by 11 p.m. the post and comments were deleted. Below that, a woman is seen mailing back valuable pictures to the New York Museum of Modern Art (Moma) three days after they were stolen. Perhaps she is making things right for an errant boyfriend. Who knows. Then finally, a terrible collision of a car into the back of a heavy piece of road equipment on the QEW at Niagara Falls. One person, so far unidentified, has been killed.