Reader says Second Cup on Bayview Ave. will close Nov. 28

John J. Henry writes at Leaside Community Facebook that the Second Cup at 1595 Bayview Ave will close November 28 for reasons that are probably varied. Second Cup fans are lamenting the closure at LC Saturday night but they will know that many of those who still patronize this shop do so merely to avoid the huge traffic at Starbucks. But the quality of coffee and food aside, this Second Cup has not been able to attract an effective franchisee. It has been a mundane place since Hong Ngo, the dynamic Vietnamese businessman departed. He was a congenial host and always ready to talk. Ngo put together an excellent team of full and part-time staff seen in the 2011 picture from Bulldog archives. Some may remember that this location was the first storefront occupied by the Sleuth of Baker Street. It moved to the location across the street at 1600 Bayview, a building still owned by the firm. It is now leased to Leaside Orthodontic. Sleuth is on Millwood Rd at Sutherland.