Second case of woman hit at quiet corner during left turn

There has been a second daylight incident of a pedestrian being hit by a driver turning left at a quiet intersection controlled by stop signs. The latest occurred Tuesday at 12:12 p.m. when a man in  a pickup truck turned left off Orchard View Blvd. onto Edith Drive and struck a woman, 82, who was crossing Orchard View.  The scene is northwest of Eglinton and Duplex Ave. near Eglinton Park. The police information does not say if the pedestrian was crossing from east to west, in which case she would not have seen the truck approaching. But she has life-threatening injuries. November 24 a woman was struck at Verobeach Blvd and Indrio Rd. in North York in similar circumstances at 8.40 in the morning. Woman, 78, gravely hurt crossing at 4-way stop intersection