Students can opt out of strike-twisted semester with refund

Minister Deb Matthews said Monday that students who decide to withdraw from the semester because of the five-week strike of teachers may receive a full tuition refund. All full-time students will also be eligible to receive up to $500 for unexpected costs such as child care fees, rent and re-booked transit tickets. Ontario Student Assistance Program aid or OSAP will also be extended into December to accommodate extended semesters, the minister’s statement said. On Sunday, the Legislature passed an act that ended the college labour dispute


Police have announced the arrest of Tristan Anthony Miller, 26, of Toronto on charges of two counts of assault with a weapon (liquid in a spray bottle) and two counts of administer noxious substance  A man was wanted for spraying people with an unknown liquid on the subway on Friday.


Nebraska’s Public Service Commission has approved the passage of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline through the state in a 3 to 2 vote, but not along its preferred route for the $10 billion project. The panel has voted for the proposed mainline route, which follows the company’s preferred route for the north of the state before veering further east to more closely align with TransCanada’s existing pipeline in the state. In a written decision, the panel said it was in the public’s interest to put the new pipeline nearer to the current one to maximize monitoring resources, to impact less of the habitat of endangered species, and other route benefits –CP

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