Forced off TTC bus, woman walks for blocks in front of it

TTC riders who have waited long periods for the 88 Leaside bus and other local routes will sympathize with the woman who, have been told to get off a 47 Lansdowne bus because it was too crowded, then began to walk in front of the bus, slowing its progress for several minutes. Finally, the driver gets on the line to TTC control and tells them of his predicament. The woman is seen moving from side to side on the road, making sure she is forming an obstacle to the bus. This little drama begins at the Lansdowne subway station where it is estimated more than a 100 people were waiting on a Friday evening. As they tried to jam onto the bus, the driver said some would have to get off. Very few did, but the woman bus-blocker was nearest the door. In a larger sense, this incident reveals once again how difficult it is to sell members of the public on choosing the TTC. All the public relations in the world doesn’t make these realities go away.