CGS kids probe the science of polar bears, solar pizza ovens

CGS students celebrated their love of science at the 2017 Annual CGS Science Fair on November 30. Participation in the fair is mandatory for Grades 1 to 3 students and optional for Senior Kindergarten students. Kudos to the SK’s that joined in this year. Project topics included how polar bears tolerate cold, how to make a solar pizza oven, why things float better in salt water and how sound travels through different materials to name a few. All participants had to present their projects to a judge. Parents may have been there to assist with the production of the displays but it was entirely up to students to clearly and convincingly present their findings to a judge. Parents and fellow students were also invited to browse the fair and talk to the young scientists about their work. It was such a fun afternoon for everyone. Does your child love science too? For more information about CGS, contact Kelly Scott, Director of Admission at  416 423 5017 x 43 or

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