Crown says Laura’s last footprint was in company of accused

Crown Attorney Jill Cameron has told the trial of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich that the last footprint that Laura Babcock left was in the company of the two accused. Cameron said there was a “mountain ” of evidence to show the two men murdered Babcock, 22, on July 3, 2013 at Millard’s home in Etobicoke. They rolled the young woman’s body in a blue tarp and took it to the farm in a van belonging to Millard’s father where Dellen Millard took a photo of it next to his dog. In asking the jury to convict Millard and Smich, Cameron said there are just too many coincidences pointing to that conclusion for them to find any other way. Earlier, Smich’s lawyer told the jury his client had no motive to kill Babcock because he was never part of the love triangle alleged by the Crown which included Millard, Babcock and another girlfriend, Christina Noudga. He said there’s not one iota of evidence that Smich, 30, killed Babcock.