Fatal left-turn accident at stop sign has no easy explanation

An elderly woman who was knocked down as a truck made a left turn at the quiet stop-sign corner of Edith Drive and Orchard View Boulevard has died in hospital. She was 82. This location is north of Eglinton Ave. W  just east of Eglinton Park. It occurred Tuesday, November 28 at 12:12 p.m. and is one of two recent left-turn accidents on residential street corners which have no easy explanation. In both cases the driver was required to stop before turning. Both occurred in daylight. Second case of woman hit at quiet corner during left turn  Woman, 78, gravely hurt crossing at 4-way stop intersection


A woman was found dead early Wednesday in a home on Bathgate Drive northwest of Port Union Rd. and Lawrence Ave. Police arrived on the scene after 2 a.m. and located a woman with severe trauma. She was pronounced dead on scene  A Toronto man has been arrested.